Save School Music Report Released

With our school district and administration’s current plan to cut instrumental music at the elementary level in ISD 833, our Booster group quickly became part of a great coalition of the booster groups representing band and orchestra programs across all three high schools. We jointly commissioned a study by a nationally recognized advocacy professional, John Benham with Save School Music to examine school district data in greater depth.

The resulting report clearly demonstrates that the current path the district administration and school board are following will almost certainly cost the district MORE money instead of less – and will have devastating consequences for instrumental music programming in our district for years to come.

We encourage everyone to read the report and share your concerns with our school board members and district administration. We’re asking that they simply read the report, meet with us, and collaborate for a better outcome. The stakes are too high to sit back and allow instrumental programming to be sacrificed without consideration of all important data.

Our objective with the report is to foster collaboration and to help inform better, data-driven decisions for the future of our district.

You can access the full report at:

Thank you for helping us spread the word. Contact the school board and district administrators today!