Butterbraid Fundraiser

It’s finally that time of the year where we have our annual Butterbraid Fundraiser!  Butterbraids are a really delicious pastry that are simple to prepare for your morning breakfast or afternoon treat.  Simply let them thaw overnight on a baking sheet, then pop them in the oven in the morning.  In 30 minutes or less, they’re ready.  Put some of that icing on top that comes with it, and oh baby you’ve got yourself a tasty treat!  Proceeds will go to benefit the entire band.

Orders are Due: March 2, 2020 to the Drop Forms Off Here box in the band room.

Delivery has been postponed due to school closure.  A new delivery date is in the works.  Please continue to read Booster emails and this website for further information as we get it.

These are frozen and perishable, so please arrange to pick up all orders at this time as we have no facility to keep them frozen.

Additional order forms can be found on the www.whsbb.org website under Forms and Documents.

Thank you for supporting Woodbury Band Boosters

FlipGive Fundraiser

Woodbury Royals Band Boosters, Inc. is trying a new fundraiser.  This is very similar to Amazon Smiles.  FlipGive shares their commission with our “team” when you shop through their website or app.  To join our “team” visit www.flipgive.com/join to sign up.  You will be asked to enter your unique team code to join WRBBI.  The Team Code is:  X6HMLW.  We have earned $9 in just a short time!  Please check this out before your next online purchase and support Woodbury Band. For every member that joins the team and makes an online purchase through FlipGive by the end of the month, FlipGive will give us $10.  Sign up, join and start online shopping.  Thank you!

Amazon Smiles Fundraiser for WHS Band Boosters


We have a new way for you to support the Band Boosters! Amazon will donate .5% of your total bill every time you order through them! It’s easy to set up, and the band will benefit every time you order.

Here’s how:

* Log into smile.amazon.com

* Select “Woodbury Royals Band Boosters Inc” as the charity you’d like to support

* That’s it! Then order away. Don’t forget to log into amazon using smile.amazon.com. It’s still the same Amazon…it just gives the band .5% of your order.

See? Easy!

TIP: If you don’t like typing in the address all the time, you can easily turn the address into an icon on your screen!!! All you’ll have to do is tap!

Thanks for supporting the band!